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Delivered Fresh 2x Week. Guaranteed.

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We Prepare And Deliver Healthy, Delicious, Fresh Meals Right To You.

Preparing your own meals can be difficult for a few reasons. It’s time consuming, the food often becomes boring or redundant, most are stuck eating bland and healthy OR yummy but naughty, and more often than not - food is wasted because it reaches its expiration date before consumed. So, you waste a bunch of money, time, and sacrifice either your taste buds or your health trying to find the balance.

CI Lifestyle Meals rid your life of this repetitive pattern. All our meals are cooked and delivered twice a week to Portland and Vancouver residents to ensure fresh, tasty, and healthy food. Meals are sent out Wednesday and Sunday, so you can start and end your week the right way and leave the cookin’ to us.

Our menu changes weekly to keep mealtime exciting and to give your mind and body the variety it needs to thrive. Are you ready to experience how appetizing and easy healthy eating can be?

This Season's Top Requested Meals

Baked Churros Protein Doughnuts

Baked Churros Gluten-free Protein Doughnuts


Loaded Seafood Gazpacho W/ House Baked Corn Chips

Loaded Seafood Gazpacho With Corn Chip


Wild Caught Ginger Soy Salmon Sushi Stack + Sriracha Creme

Wild Caught Ginger Soy Salmon Sushi Stack + Sriracha Creme


Meal Prep For Your Fitness AND Your Taste Buds

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What Our Clients Say

Why You'll Love Our Food

This Food Is AMAZING!!!

My husband recently donated his kidney to his brother and we needed kidney friendly healthy food while we stayed in Portland. Chris was the best and cared so much for our family and circumstances. Thank you all around.


This Company Cares For Our Community!

These meals were provided for the Critical Care staff today at Kaiser Westside. Mine was delicious!! Thank you so much for doing such a nice thing.


This Is The BEST Meal Prep Service By Far!

I’ve used MANY meal prep companies in the past years and am very satisfied with the food quality, presentation, taste, container quality and just the overall community involvement from CI Lifestyle Meals. If you’re life is full and you have little time to take all the steps necessary to eat healthy, but quality meals are important to you, I’d highly recommend giving them a try.


AbsoLUTELY Amazing Food And Service!

Not only is the process easy for ordering and choosing meals online, but the delivery and meals have all been wonderful! I have loved every single meal I've tried, never had a mistake, and always had wonderful interactions with the owner and workers. Also, you have multiple options to choose from. I love the regular service, but because I'm not a huge breakfast eater I started to do the Al a cart option which has become my new fav because I can pick multiple dinners and lunches! Would highly recommend this service!


Wouldn't Use Any Other Meal Prep Service!

Been using CI Lifestyle for years. Best meal prep service I have ever used, and Ive used a lot. Always switching up the meals and always trying new stuff.


Top Of The Line Chefs!

Great meals and fantastic service...top notch crew through and through


Flavorful, Healthy Meals Prepared & Delivered!

Free Delivery!!

We have the largest delivery area of any local meal prep company in Portland and we do it at no cost to you!

We are ready and excited to cook, prep, and deliver, what we believe, to be the most delicious, flavor-packed, and healthiest meals out of ANY meal prep service you could find.

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CI Lifestyle Meals
Est. 2018
CI Lifestyle Meals

We are a meal prep company that has perfected the blend between healthy eating and delicious eating.

  • 14808 SE Powell Blvd.

  • (503) 869-3564

  • 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM

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