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A Chef Who Cares

First things first, I am a foodie. I’ve been working with food since I was 14 years old and love cooking. I pour my heart into the creation of every meal I prep for my clients and have a passion for exploring new recipes. Transforming traditional dishes into tastier and healthier options energizes me. There’s something incredibly special about not only getting to share tasty and healthy recipes, but getting to hear stories of weight loss, improved performance, and meaningful doctors’ visits from my clients—that’s what keeps me cooking. There’s no better feeling than knowing something you love to do is changing peoples lives for the better. 

Everyone has different gifts, and I’ve come to find a few of mine are cooking, hosting, and having people over to my home. Getting to send out food to people in my community taps into each of those gifts and feels like feeding family. Family members typically want to see each other succeed and make good decisions, and I want to help people in my community achieve their health goals. Whether you are looking to lose weight, bulk up, or simply start being a bit healthier, I’m on a mission to serve you. Be part of the family.

Flavor and Variety

Preparing your own meals can be difficult for a few reasons. It’s time consuming, the food often becomes boring or redundant, and possibly reaches its expiration date before consumed. So, maybe you waste a bunch of money on groceries and still end up eating out. CI Lifestyle Meals helps rid your life of this repetitive pattern. All our meals are cooked and delivered twice a week to Portland and Vancouver residents to ensure fresh, tasty, and healthy food. Meals are sent out Wednesday and Sunday, so you can start and end your week the right way and leave the cookin’ to us. 

Our menu changes weekly to keep meal time exciting, and to give your mind and body the variety it needs to thrive. Are you ready to experience how appetizing and easy healthy eating can be?

Quality Ingredients

No Preservatives

Low Sodium

Low Sugar

Fresh Whole Foods

Allergen Friendly Options

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Each meal is made with a specific nutrition and health goal in mind. Whether you want to bulk up, slim down, or maintain your current level of sexy, we’ve got a meal for you. Custom options are available as well. 

Get Social Baby

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Scope the Deliciousness

We’re just gonna let the food do all of the talking…sometimes we can’t even believe how awesome this stuff looks. 

Delivery Area

CI Lifestyle Meals delivers our healthy meal prep boxes to residents in the greater Portland OR area. That includes Beaverton, Gresham, Tigard, Troutdale, Sandy, Eagle Creek, Oregon City, Happy Valley, Clackamas, Canby, Willsonville, Tualitin,  and Vancouver, WA. Check out our delivery map below to see if we’re able to come to you, or give us a call and see if we can make a special exception.